Our Vision

Our Mission

To continuously create and perform revolutionary and inspiring Trans-disciplinary performing art.

To take our audiences and collaborators through a journey of transformation and self discovery.

Maya's Vision for La Caravan Dance Theatre

Maya - Why TransDisciplinary ?

Who We Are

Under the artistic direction of Maya Lewandowsky, La Caravan has thrilled audiences across western Canada with electric, startling, and inherently original works of immense theatrical presence since 2003. At the heart of La Caravan’s uniqueness is the company’s vision to create a platform that expands perceptions and deepens emotional response for the performers and spectators alike through dramatic, provocative productions.​

Making it one of the most unique performance art companies in the world, La Caravan Dance Theatre has an innovative trans-disciplinary style that cross pollinates contemporary dance, theatre, music, voice, projection design, technology, architecture and installation art yielding dramatic and stirring performances.

Maya- What is La Caravan for you?