The Corridor Press Review


“...The entire first performance struck me as being layered with texture and with culture, especially through the music and some of the movements and yet retained a universal note in the content of the dance and the feelings expressed. For the first time in my experience with dance, I could watch a movement and hear the silence of it even while the beat of drums and guitar played fully all around us...”

Julie Walker | Full Circle Adventures - 2009


“you’ll be seeing a lot more of this outrageously accessible yet avant-garde troupe. Israeli-born artistic director Maya Lewandowsky blends the technical grace of ballet with the physically pummelling crashes of La La La Human Steps and the theatrical costumes of Cirque’s Quidam and Alegría”

Janet Smith | The Georgia Straight (Vancouver) - July 21, 2005


“Ballet met rave met faux fashion-show grit in Maya Lewandowsky’s risky creation…. In an askew sense of bliss and aggravation, Lewandowsky and four other dancers took the floor in aggressive movement…”

Fast Forward Weekly - March 3, 2005


“the wild imaginings of this zany company might be the edgiest show at this year’s festival”

Mary Kelly | The Dance Current Different Lenses, Different Views

Dancing on the Edge Festival 2006 Vancouver